Are your API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) sources FDA registered and/or approved?
Yes, all our bulk API sources are registered with and inspected by the FDA and carry active NDC numbers.

Can EAC provide original documentation for chemicals sold?
Yes, we are fully transparent for the chemicals we sell. Original manufacturer COAs and complete Pedigrees are always available with any bulk API purchase. FDA EIR letters and other related documentation can be made available upon request to current customers.

Does EAC require a license or identification before sales?
We require business licenses for certain situations. Situations requiring a license; Purchase of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Pharmacy license or proper industry identification required). Opening a Net 30 credit line with EAC (Business license and/or proper identification required). Register a new account.

What are minimum sales amounts & lines of credit?
We require a minimum purchase of $100.00. We offer an initial Net 30 credit line of $2,500.00 to approved & registered customers who have made an initial Credit Card purchase of at least $1,000.00. Registered customers who would like an extended amount of credit may use our credit application form or contact us.

Do you sell to individuals?
Yes, some products we sell do not require a business or pharmacy license. As long as you meet the minimum purchase amount, we allow individual consumers to purchase non-restricted items from our store.

Do you offer products for export out of the U.S.?
We currently only sell to customers located within Canada and the United States and only to those States allowed by U.S. law.

Does EAC sell to distributors?
We can offer products to distributors or resellers on a case by case basis. Distributors should request quotations from individual product pages or through our contact page.