Bringing choice to finished dosage manufacturers
and compounding pharmacies
Essential Actives Corporation is a
U.S. owned & operated distributor
Direct U.S. importer pricing combined
with documented quality chemicals

Essential Actives Corporation (EAC) is a supplier of quality APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to finished dosage manufacturers and compounding pharmacies in the United States.

The management team behind EAC have a combined 70+ years worth of global sourcing experience in APIs used in finished dosage manufacturing and compounding pharmacies.

It should be a known fact that your available choices for APIs have been shrinking by deliberate design over recent years. This is due to acquisitions, mergers & market influx by foreign based firms.

Why pay 100+% mark-ups on your APIs?

Align yourself with a true U.S. owned & operated distributor with the necessary experience to support your business. We are staffed with like-minded professionals who understand your needs and can provide you the cost-savings needed to grow your business & market share. We perform our own, direct importing unlike many distributors who purchase their APIs from other distributors which only adds unnecessary costs.

Use of FDA registered, cGMP manufacturers combined with third-party testing and routine audits of our manufacturing partners ensures consistent quality in the chemicals EAC distributes.  Our APIs are sourced from FDA inspected facilities and contain valid NDCs. Original manufacturer COAs and complete Pedigrees are always available for API purchases.

EAC is fully transparent on the APIs we distribute and never hide a facility’s identity using our own NDCs. 

All of our APIs originate from facilities that operate under GMPs. We never obtain NDCs without the facility being able to pass an eventual FDA inspection which can be a common occurrence with other distributors.